Animals and Birds

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  1. I recently bought an excellent copy of one of your paintings of a hare and I am delighted with it.
    It appears to be Robyn except it is handed. Does that happen with copies?
    Regardless it is great. I am fascinated and a bit puzzled that it seems to be looking at me wherever I am in the room.
    It is not just the eye, which occurs with many paintings, the head seems to move to face me as well!
    Although I obviously know that is not possible my friends agree that it appears to move to face towards the viewer
    I hope to see some originals of yours sometime
    Richard Farrow

    1. Dear Richard, Firstly I’m so sorry for the long delay in writing to you. If I don’t check my website messages regualarly, they have a tendency to slip through the net. Many thanks for your lovely message….it made my day. Robyn is named after one of my twin grand daughters….she had a partner called Belle, the other twin. I’ll tell Robyn about her magic eye! I have originals around and about the country. If you would like to know more, would you mind emailing me direct? You can also take a look at my Instagram and/or Facebook pages. You can contact me via those too although you may have to have joined them, I’m not sure. Many many thanks again, Lesley

    1. Dear Richard, I’m so sorry but I seem to have missed your message. If I don’t check my website daily, I do tend to miss messages. Apologies. I have a few wrens available although they ‘fly away’ quite quickly. I have four at the framers actually – they are earmarked for two galleries in the UK. Please let me know if you would like to see the images. I think it would be best if you emailed me direct on Many thanks, Lesley

  2. Hi Lesley, how are you? Are you planning to do any giclee prints of your lovely wren paintings? I’ve been too slow to get any of the originals but wondered if you might be doing any prints. Susan xx

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